Design Concept + Development

For an overview of our process for creating original artwork for your project, download our Design Concept and Development Guide.

Bespoke Surface Imaging from Designtex

Customize interior finishes and architectural materials using digital printing. Our Bespoke process allows designers to add photography, illustration, typography, textures, gradients and solid colors to textiles, wallcovering, and glass films. To start your Surface Imaging project, our Surface Imaging Specialists will consult with you to discuss your project and what you hope to achieve. We’ll suggest materials, imaging methods, finishes, and start to develop budgets and timelines to ensure the project is completed on budget and on schedule.

- Initial review of project requirements

- Memo samples of potential materials solutions

- Inspirational images provided by design firm will be used as a reference to help set creative direction

- Review of client provided artwork

- Budget estimating

- Custom made samples and mock ups after field measurements have been provided

To support the development of your project please contact your Surface Imaging Specialist or Designtex Sales Representative who will help develop the materials and artwork for Bespoke projects. They are a local resource available to advise on materials, file preparation, artwork resources, installation resources, and budgets.

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