The Art of Surface Imaging

Designtex Surface Imaging has a long history of recruiting artists and fostering creativity, both inside and outside of work. Employees are encouraged to make use of our machinery and materials for personal projects. This policy builds a culture of engagement, promotes continuous improvement, and makes us better as a team at providing clients with the highest quality solutions for their projects. 

One of our team members, Rachel Adams, recently completed two installations in Portland (ME), using Surface Imaging products. The first is a window display printed on PET glass film and hung in the Portland Public Library as part of a group exhibition titled “Structured Growth”. The second is a digitally printed textile flag titled “Resilient Blossoms” on display outside of Space Gallery until 10/21. Rachel’s writes:

“The imagery in this flag is reflective of the moment of growth that occurs during difficult times. This year we have all been forced outside our personal routines, mindsets and comfort zones. We’ve been forced to look inward and examine the chambers of our minds and homes. If you trust the experience you will grow and break the confinement of your previous self and what a beautiful thing that can be.”

Photo Credit: Space Gallery